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Browse dialysis centers by the companies that own them. These links take you to a list of dialysis centers owned or managed by that company.

Search Dialysis Centers by ZIP Code

Locate a dialysis center using our free dialysis center and dialysis unit locater. You can search for any dialysis center by zip code by entering the five digit zip code of the location that you are near. Dialysis Centers are located all over the world. We specialize in helping you find a dialysis center near you anywhere in the United States and soon in the world. It's free.

Dialysis Centers Search by State

You can find a dialysis center by selecting a state too. Just choose the state that you want to find a dialysis unit in and you'll come up with a huge list of dialysis centers in that state. Further narrow down the list of dialysis centers by entering the name of a city too.

Find Dialysis Centers by Name or Dialysis Unit

Enter the name of a dialysis center by the name of the company. This search provides you access to search by name of the dialysis center or the name of the company that owns the dialysis center. The companies listed in our dialysis center directory include Renal Care Group, DaVita, Fresenius, Gambro and many more dialysis companies.